Monday, February 26, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes

In last weeks polls, A&M was hanging out at 8th/9th in the nation. Then, this last week happened to teams in the top 10. There were a lot of losses for top ten teams when they went other places to play. Apparently the road was a hard master:

-- Wisconsin lost at Michigan State and at Ohio State, and slipped from 2 to 5
-- Florida lost at LSU, and slipped from 3 to 4
-- UNC lost at Maryland, and slipped from 5 to 8
-- Pitt lost at Georgetown, and slipped from 8/10 to 12
-- Washington State lost at Oregon, and slipped from 9/11 to 13

What's great about these slippages is that A&M was able to insert itself to #6 again, tying our highest point in the polls so far. Of course, we didn't have a tough road game this week. I think Oklahoma State might have just laid down and died when we came into the arena. This week, however, we have a tough road game against Texas, who has managed to work their way up to 15th in the nation. Oh, and they're mad we beat them earlier in the season. If we can impact Durant's effectiveness this week like we did a month ago, and not get shut out of scoring from our side, I look forward to embarrassing the Longhorns at home.

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