Sunday, February 25, 2007

Really, *Really* Bad Movies

You know how sometimes you're in the mood for a bad movie? Well, sometimes I really want to see an absurdly bad movie. They are generally good for a laugh, and they don't make you think about broader social issues, and that kind of relaxing movie can be nice.

This sounded just the thing necessary after a few weeks of seemingly non-stop housework. We went to see Ghost Rider. Let me just say that we were expecting a bad movie, and it exceeded all our expectations. This is one terrible movie. I can't even figure out why they finished making it. It would seem some bigwig would have sat there looking at all that CGI expense and forbidden this thing from being completed. I have to say that I'm completely flabbergasted that this was the top-grossing movie of this past weekend. And I helped that to happen with our two tickets. I feel so dirty.

What was so bad about it? The character's motivations didn't make sense (why would the devil create a being that fights evil?), the guy finally gets the girl and rejects her, the CGI stuff was really bad, the acting was really horrendous, the lines were atrocious, and there was obviously some stuff I was already supposed to know from the comic books that I didn't know, so the story was even more disjointed. Other than that, it was great.

Maybe our next bad-movie-venture will be more of what I expect. On the other hand, I went to see a bad movie, and it surely delivered.

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