Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh...The Horror!

One can tell they are way too busy when the pivotal day of the year comes and goes, and you've missed the Selection Show for the 2007 NCAA Tournament.

I didn't actually forget it, I just had in my mind that the selection show was at 6, but it was 6 eastern time. When I turned on the TV to get my hour-long droolfest in, I found "60 Minutes" instead -- I'd missed it. Normally, I would have been watching all the big conference championship games, and the selection show would come on and I would never have missed anything. Instead, I had to find out that A&M is a 3 seed in the South division (San Antonio, here I come!!) by checking the web. The build-up and drama is missing that way.

I haven't missed a selection show since I realized I love basketball. Every year you could find me on the couch, pen and paper in hand, analyzing matchups as they are displayed. Somehow, though, with all the packing and moving stuff going on, I missed it this year.

My husband rolls his eyes every year when March shows up. He prefers to just disappear for a month while I watch game after game after game. However, even he indicated that he felt bad for me that I missed it. He left me alone while I spent an hour on the web trying to catch up on the information I missed.

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