Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Favorite Places

We've sold the house, one of the cars, and lots of furniture. We've packed up both offices and everything else we have. The utilities and gym membership are cancelled. We've said lots of good-byes, and then it was time to hit up most of our favorite restaurants for the last time for a while.

It's important to find these favorite places early on in your time in a city, so if you're new in town, let me give you that info so you can discover them while you have time to enjoy them. For seafood, I love Truluck's and Gumbo's. It's hard to get good seafood so far from the ocean, but these places do well. Near work, I had to hit up Silhouette for sushi happy hour. Other types of happy hours were completed at Saba Blue Water Cafe and Speakeasy. For Mexican food, we've said good-bye to Curra's and Chuy's. We've grabbed burgers and corn dogs at Top Notch. There were last Indian meals at Taj Palace, Vietnamese food at Tan Tan, and Singapore curry noodles from Din Ho. Cake from Bakerman's Bakery was consumed. Today I'm headed out for the best dim sum in the city at T&S Seafood. This evening, it's barbecue at The Salt Lick. It's been a couple of weeks of Mmmmmmmm.

I guess the loose ends are pretty well tied up, and the pants are tightened up (who needs a belt!). I think we're ready to drive 1500 miles across the Southwest United States. When we get to Santa Barbara, we'll be hungry again, I would imagine. If you have suggestions of great places we'll want to eat, let me know in the comments -- return the favor of all the great suggestions I've provided above! We're starting over and there will certainly be hits and misses as we look. We just want to find good new places soon, so we can enjoy them as long as we can, and hopefully as much as we've enjoyed the food here.


mr. kyle said...

Well, you already know about the original freebirds, though it's probably not going to be what you expect. There's a good pizza place on State St. but I forget the name of it, so that should help you out. Other than that, have a good drive and I'll keep watching this space for all the latest.

Heather said...

I was planning to check out the Freebird's, but I'll look for the pizza place, and let you know what I find out. Thanks for the heads up!