Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When Not to Mind Your Own Business

I recently was driving around in town, and saw two people at a bus stop. One was sitting in a wheelchair bundled up in every piece of clothing they had. This person had a red umbrella resting on their head while they leaned forward on the back of the bus stop bench. As a result, I couldn't tell whether this was a homeless man or woman. The other was a 20ish guy pacing back and forth, waiting for a bus to show up.

It was apparent, though, that something more was going on here. The pacing guy seemed to be trying to figure out whether the homeless person was asleep or dead. I can imagine the conversation he was having in his head.
It's sad that person is just sleeping here at the bus stop. But why are they sleeping at lunchtime? I hope they are okay. But what if they're not? Should I wake him/her up and see if they're okay? If I were sleeping, I wouldn't want to be woken up everytime someone showed up at the bus stop. But if they aren't sleeping, I'd hate for some kid to find a dead person. That'll mess a kid up.

Unfortunately, the light turned green, and I didn't get to watch the pacing guy get to the end of his internal monologue and make a decision. I wonder what he ultimately did.

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