Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Purple Eagle Love

No one cares about the play-in game of the NCAA Tournament. Most people don't even seem to realize it exists (even among people that follow the tournament). But, regardless of when the tournament bracket selection closes, the tournament starts on Tuesday night.

The first game, last night, pitted the Florida A&M Rattlesnakes against the Niagara Purple Eagles. They played for the opportunity to lose to Kansas in the "first" round. And Niagara won. How many MAAC teams can say they won an NCAA Tournament game? So what if it's before most people even recognize that the Tourney has started -- they got a win. And sometimes that's all a team needs to feel really good about their season.

Also, I picked Niagara to beat Florida A&M, so I'm 1-0 for my bracket, while everyone else is still 0-0. Just sending some props to the Purple Eagles for their win last night. Enjoy it!

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cat said...

haha yea!! 1-0!! awesome!