Friday, January 02, 2009


I have finally succumbed to the peer pressure and joined the pile of people on Facebook. Huh. "Succumbed" really looked wrong, but apparently I spelled it right anyway. Ahem.

So, I made a Facebook page, and friended lots of people, and then came to another realization. While I have figured out how to have the "Yes, I'm still in the office. GB and I separated," conversation and strugging off the "Well, at least you don't have kids," or "I'm so sorry," line with the requisite head tilt, I hadn't quite planned on the electronic commenting about the subject. I still go back and forth between just being straightforward about it, and trying to avoid the topic because I don't feel like doing the (now) standard back-and-forth.

It was fun trying to make my profile reflect that I'm living in Austin but that my home is in Santa Barbara. And you can't imagine the waffling that went into setting my marital status.

My electronic existence is now larger. I'm ambivalent about that, but I do know I still prefer the blog to the one-line updates on people.


James said...

I've also recently fallen prey (easier to spell) to facebook. I also much prefer the blog model. It's more real to me. Honestly, I've been mostly using facebook to point people to my blog, but FB does have a few charms.

Stephanie said...

I love facebook. Hope you enjoy it, too!