Monday, November 19, 2007

Variety of Food, Day 18: Ham and Mushroom Pasta

Rationalization and diversion did a number on me today. My afternoon went something like this.

Got up from the couch, noticing it was dark outside. I figured it must be too late to eat, and I should just go to bed. Nope, it's 5:30. No wonder I'm not hungry -- I barely finished lunch (leftovers). Hmm, I need to pay bills and otherwise waste some time on the internet. And the guest bathroom needs to be cleaned and have fresh towels put out. Okay, that's done. The kitchen is a mess, and I don't want to make it worse before my parents come to town tomorrow. Well, it's good that the kitchen is clean now. Here's an example of one of the seventeen loads of dishes I did today.I may be exaggerating a little on the number of loads, but not by much. You wanna see that work surface I showed you a couple of days ago that looked like such a disaster? Please humor me. I need to share my accomplishment with someone, and Moo-Bunny just isn't cutting it on this. Thanks for letting me share. Then I remembered I had laundry in the dryer. That's folded and put away now.

By this time, my house is almost clean, and I'm running out of diversionary tactics to keep me from cooking. I'm also hungry by this point. So, I went with something easy. It was just like Day 13, except with ham and mushrooms instead of the prosciutto and peas. Tasted totally different. I liked this one a lot better. I would upload a picture, but Blogger has decided I have enough in this post, and I'm too tired to try to get it to work. I'll put the picture in words: it was a bowl of fettucine with little cubes of ham and sauteed mushrooms dotting it.

And now I can go to bed. I know it's bad to eat and then sleep immediately, but eh. I'm too tired to do anything else.


stephanie said...

Congrats on the clean kitchen -- and house for that matter! I'm excited that your parents are spending some time there -- you need need them because mine are so close to me... :)

At least you won't have to cook... umm, well, you wouldn't have to cook with all the leftovers. Since you seem stuck on finishing the goal, well, at least you have someone to cook for--I'm guessing maybe 3 someone's to cook for!

cat said...

whoa!! nice kitchen!! AMAZING!! props to you ;)