Friday, November 09, 2007

Variety of Food, Day 9: Pasta

All I wanted for dinner tonight was a long hot bath. I'm tired of grocery shopping, I'm tired of figuring out to cook, but mostly, I'm just sick and tired of doing dishes. We don't have a garbage disposal or a dishwasher, so I'm filling the sink with hot soapy water, washing and rinsing the dishes, and then catching all the gunk and throwing it away. And after a whole lot of involved meals, I'm just tired and don't want to do it anymore. I know it's only day 9, but there it is.

My husband came to the rescue. I wanted to eat something that he made in college back when we were dating (which seems like a hundred years ago). He used to make pasta with olive oil and basalmic vinegar, and it was one of those cheap college meals that made you feel full and think you'd eaten a real meal. So, he made that tonight, sort of. We always just called it "pasta", so that's where the title comes from.

Heat some minced garlic in olive oil, adding basil, oregano, and salt as the garlic starts to get golden. Remove from heat and add freshly-cooked spaghetti and a bit of basalmic vinegar and pepper and mix it all together. Add a little parmesan on top, and be happy that you have no leftovers for the first time all month.

Total Kitchen Time: 15 minutes, during which I drank a glass of wine and watched my husband cook.


Stephanie said...

This sounds good, and fun!

I've decided I could live without a lot, but not without a dishwasher. I have quickly grown tired of kitchen clean up. I think that's my favorite part of eating out -- not having to clean up!

Heather said...

It's certainly my favorite reason to eat out. And it's becoming more the reason the more I'm doing this experiment.