Sunday, November 25, 2007

Variety of Food, Day 25: Thai Basil Chicken

We're fighting a losing battle on this one. Back in college, we had a Thai place that we really liked to go to. Great food, and cheap. Whenever I would go back for work or to go to a sporting event of some kind, I would eat there, or get an order of this garlicky basily chicken that was phenomenal to take home with me. However, the last time I was in College Station, Thai Taste was nowhere to be found. Even before that point, we hve been trying to recreate the flavor of that dish. We've never succeeded, but it doesn't keep us from trying. At this point, we are likely trying to achieve something that isn't even possible because it's some imagined flavor that can't be recreated. Add to that the fact that my husband's memory of that dish is likely different from mine, and failure is nearly assured.

But, like the little engine, we keep chugging away at it. Tonight, we used fresh Thai basil that I got down at the farmer's market this week. It smelled wonderful, and I thought we might have a chance. No dice. Dinner was okay, but until I actually create something worth eating again, I don't want to share the recipe. The basic gist of the dish is chicken in a lightly sweet golden brown sauce with an enormous amount of garlic and slightly wilted basil and lettuce. Served with hot white rice, you'd think you'd died and gone to heaven, if I could just get it to taste right.


stephanie said...

that is sooo funny!!

cat said...

haha nice story..but i agree trying to recreate a recipe almost never works. but keep trying...if you find it...SHARE IT!! :D